Baton Rouge Discoveries.

I need a camera. By that I mean, something other than my cell phone, which I have dropped in a sinkful of water. The only pictures I have of TWO’s first year are on my cell phone. But when I think about buying a camera my first thought is, “Ugh … I don’t have the time to learn how to use a new gadget.” 

Anyway … this post is about the things I have discovered in Baton Rouge that make me exceedingly happy. 

1. Forest Community Park. It’s 2 minutes from my house, there is an AMAZING playground, covered sitting areas, fake grass that babies can crawl on, a splash pad, and walking trails. I’ll be back. Maybe on a daily basis. It was just that good.

2. Polo Cleaners. This is a drycleaning establishment I loved before I moved away, but now that I’m back I was thrilled that it happens to be in my neighborhood. The prices are good and they do a good job but the best thing was when ONE went inside with me yesterday and the guy behind the counter offered to give him a tour of the place. You know, so he can see how drycleaning is done. SO. AWESOME.

3. Jones Creek Regional Library has a lot of weird things going on that intrigue me. Puppets and yo-yos and such. I enjoy odd things and I have every intention of exposing my kids to a juggling gypsy or whatever happens to be going on this week.

4. Alcohol. It’s everywhere. There is an entire aisle devoted to hard liquor at every store ranging from Rite Aid to Walmart. I love this not because I’m constantly in the market for it, but because it adds to the general vibe of relaxation that is going on here. My friend thinks that everyone in Louisiana is “loose” because of the heat. Maybe she’s right.

5. It’s HOT. This doesn’t thrill me, but I think I’m coping better with the heat since I don’t have to wear anything but workout wear or pajamas. So I went ahead and added it to my list. The heat. It makes us loose. My kid runs around in nothing but his underwear. No one cares. In fact they probably think they’re missing a really fun party.

Watching big brother climb at the park.


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