I Choose Happiness.

Today I am tired. My children are sick. I was awakened at a much too early hour by ONE, who was demanding a tissue to blow his nose with. He then informed me he had been using his bedsheets all night … to wipe his nose, you see … but now that it was morning, he decided to wake me up.

My husband is still sleeping soundly. I’d like to be sleeping soundly. I have a house to clean and food to make. I have more laundry to do. I have noses to wipe and a pee smell in the kid’s bathroom to get rid of before tomorrow.

All of this gives me negative energy. This is what Husband told me the other day. He said, you have negative energy and it’s making our household negative. He was right — I felt frazzled and quite negative. So I put myself in time out and got my mind right again. Thank goodness for Husband’s reminder, because the woman of the house certainly does set the tone for everyone else.

Today I choose to be positive. I need not make a bad situation worse by bitching aloud. They say love is a choice. Well, sometimes happiness is a choice, too. Today I am happy. I’m going to put my hair in a ponytail, slap on some concealer, and get out the Clorox. 

Watch out, pee smell. I’m happy and I’m coming for you.


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