Best Day Ever.

My fantasy has come true. I have an entire day all to myself. 

My inlaws took ONE and TWO to a family reunion in Mississippi and they won’t be back until tonight. Husband is at work. I honestly can’t recall the last time I had a whole day alone. It boggles my mommy mind. 

So … what will I do?! First, I went to Zumba class. Then I went to Starbucks. Next I plan to dye my hair, shave my legs, and maybe get a pedicure. My feet are so beyond gross. I cringed when my (dreadlocked) yoga instructor got close to them the other day. She was trying to help me into the “plow” pose. The whole situation was awkward, but my feet didn’t help matters.

I may lie in the sun, if it doesn’t rain. I’m just going to soak up my time.

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