New-Old Coffee.

I’ve just reached a new low. 

You see, I ran out of coffee. Yesterday I finished off my last bag, and I intended to borrow some from my parents because they buy it in bulk from Sam’s … surely they can spare some. 

But then I forgot to ask, and then by the time I remembered it was too late at night to do anything about it. So I went to bed kind of dreading daybreak. 

I know I was supposed to have quit coffee, and I DID QUIT, for two long days. And then I realized I simply cannot live my current life without caffeine. I just can’t. These children … my husband … the laundry … the physical strength I need to get through the day. I mean let’s be real. Nothing’s getting washed and no one is getting fed and I won’t be carting that monstrosity known as TWO around the house unless I have caffeine. Now I know how I managed to pack on 50+ pounds with each pregnancy. It was the absurd amount of carbohydrates I ate lack of coffee in my life.

Tomorrow is payday and of course we have NO money so a Starbucks run is out of the question. But suddenly the heavens opened up and I noticed that there was like 1/2 cup of old coffee left in the pot from yesterday. I got super excited, added some water, poured it over the old coffee grounds and brewed myself four cups of new-old coffee. I mean it’s not great. But it’s not horrible. 

I really do have a problem.

Next time I plan to buy in bulk.

6 thoughts on “New-Old Coffee.

  1. Hahaha! Oh my goodness. I've seriously thought about brewing the old coffee before, but I never did it–and ended up a grouchy mess the rest of the day. Next time this happens to me, I'll probably think, “Well…Harmony did it, and said it wasn't terrible…so…” Just know–I totally understand. I've GOT to have my coffee!!! 🙂


  2. I think there are a fair few proven health benefits from 20, I mean, 2 cups of coffee a day. Keep up the good consuming! Let's face it, it all comes down to survival of the fittest on a day to day basis when rasing kids all day long!


  3. Never thought of the relation before I read this but.. I gave up coffee 100% when I was pregnant with my daughter and gained close to 50 pounds as well. I gave up coffee 90% with my son.. and gained more like 40. The more children you have, the more coffee you need anyway..


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