Our neighbor came over yesterday to bring us some food from her garden. It was 9:30 in the morning. I was wearing my kimono robe, and ONE was wearing this.

Later, he wore this.

I’ve decided this is one of my all-time favorite pictures of ONE. It really captures his personality: exuberant, bright, bossy, and way-over-the-top fun.

Admittedly, ONE exhausts and frustrates the hell out of me. Parenting him is tricky business. You’d have to spend some time with him to understand. However, I don’t say often enough how special he is; how caring and thoughtful and astoundingly smart. He is outgoing and funny and talks to everyone. When we order pizza, he runs to the door in his underwear and says “HI, PIZZA MAN! WHAT TOOK YOU SO LONG? LOST?! YOU GOT LOST?! HOW?? YOU’RE A PIZZA MAN!” 

When we go for a bike ride, he yells “HOWDY, PARTNER!” to a man who happens to be mowing his yard in a cowboy hat. Never, ever a dull moment.

Sometimes I have to remind myself that he was given to us —  given to US. I was chosen to be his mother. That makes me feel special. Like maybe I can do something to make the world better … just maybe, if I raise this boy right, he can DO things. 

Thinking about this kind of stuff helps me keep on washing clothes and putting them away even though I know they will just get dirty again, and washing dishes and putting them away even though I know those exact same dishes are going to be back in the sink tomorrow, and continuing to remind ONE to wash his hands. Again.


2 thoughts on “My ONE.

  1. He sounds like my daughter- she'll be 4 in a few months. She's been a ham since the moment she was born.. and talks to EVERYONE. We went for a walk one day and she yelled to a man in his yard with an infant, “I like your baby, sir!”


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