Home For A Year.

Yesterday Husband and I were talking and I realized, we fight a lot less than we used to. We both credit the fact that I’m at home full time and not trying to juggle housework, children, and a high stress career. Just thinking about that makes me want to punch someone in the face. 

It’s working for our relationship. I am so proud of Husband and grateful to him for allowing me to grab life by the balls and quit my job, something extremely risky in this economy. I have been home for approximately one year. And finally, FINALLY, this is where we are now: my children can finally play together like normal children.

We have come so far.

If ever I get discouraged, all I have to do is browse through the year’s worth of pictures on my cell phone. I find things like this:

And this:

I am so happy these days are behind us

That’s a weird thing to say, I realize. It seems like a lot of mothers pine for the days when their children were tiny. Not this mother. I was so stressed out all. the. time.

 Life is much easier now. Now I can finally say …

(deep breath)

WE MADE IT. I let both of my children watch way too much TV. I allowed ONE to eat way too much candy. I drank too much wine. I was on and off medication. I thought more than once that I couldn’t do it. I wanted to go back to work. I wanted to give up. I cried. And cried. I wondered if my marriage would make it. I wondered if ONE was psychologically damaged. I wondered if TWO would ever stop crying.

Making it through this year is to date my greatest accomplishment. I couldn’t have done it without my man. Thank you so much, my meat-eating, messy, lint-making, scatterbrained, SWEET Husband.

Behind every sane mother is a wonderful man.

4 thoughts on “Home For A Year.

  1. You post really hit home with me today. I too could never really understand the total bliss my girlfriends felt by breast feeding at all hours and really bonding when it is “just the two of us”. I don't think I am mentally equipped to bond with anyone from the hours of 1 am to 6 am. I quickly got my little ones on feeding and sleep schedules and found a way to “manage” through some incredibly challenging times. Thanks to my husband too, who was an amazing partner in so many ways.

    5 and 1/2 years on, and 3 kids later, my youngest being 3 this November and the oldest not quite 6yet, my huband just sent me to Las Vegas for 3 nights to celebrate my 40th birthday with my mom.

    Our kids are still too young to not have one of us around, but the fact that he would want to be alone with them for that long, is a testament to how far we have come.

    We love our little munchkins who are becoming little people more and more each day and find that for us too, the early days have paved the way for some much happier times and more to come.

    Thanks for sharing your feelings with us. I second them, whole heartedly.

    p.s. I found Target down there too! Very happy Canadian mommy 🙂

    p.p.s. Now back to the laundry x


  2. And how lovely does it feel? I so wish I could be a SAHM but I love the medical field so much I know I have to keep working. Once I get my medical degree (med. asst.) I will work on my nursing and then work part time.



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