Bad Words.

ONE has learned the words “stupid” and “hate” and is now using them in sentences like “You’re stupid Mommy” or worse … “I hate you!” It’s horrifying and terrible and embarrassing. Mostly it’s embarrassing.

Guess who taught him those words? 

I did. 

Both of them were learned from me … because I loathe Walmart. Every time we go there I say “I hate Walmart” or “THIS IS SO STUPID!” Because I do. And everything about it is. I am totally to blame. I would love to blame Walmart. Or Husband. But unfortunately, as a parent, I should have been saying something like “I have a strong dislike for this establishment. It’s so silly.” 

So now I know how parents end up talking like idiots, using words like fiddlesticks and smartypants. Now I must undo what I have done. Before August 27, the first day of preschool. Lord help me.

Oh shishkabob.

One thought on “Bad Words.

  1. Oh.. hahaha ha. My daughter knows, and sometimes uses “hate.” So far only directed at me- which is so awesome of course. But she also, unfortunately, knows much worse words too. Including “never”, which isn't a swear.. but the way she SCREAMS it, you'd think it was.


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