Awkward Family Photos.

Yesterday I came upon this gem:

Christmas 2010.

I believe it qualifies for submission to Awkward Family Photos. I never really noticed before, but there is a LOT wrong with this picture. Husband’s hand on my ass. He’s giving the photographer a little thumb’s up, like “Check me out. My hand is on my wife’s ass. Merry Christmas to me.”

My brother-in-law … looking strangely like a Samurai master or a homeless man, or possibly both …  is sitting in my father-in-law’s lap. Why? There was room to sit elsewhere. That rubberband on his arm was used later, when we french-braided each other’s hair.

ONE (sitting on my mother-in-law’s lap) looks drugged, like he might be asleep … but his eyes are open … so no, he’s awake. My mother-in-law is the only one who actually looks normal.  

As an added bonus, if you look closely enough, you can spot another Awkward Family Photo hanging in the top left corner. That’s Husband in the blue sweater with the white collared shirt underneath.

Man, I love the holidays.

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