TWO turned one this week. And ONE is now four. We had a party and I took some decent pictures but they are currently being held captive on my camera. I also took some very sub-par ones on my cell phone. But what blog entry of mine would be complete without sub-par photos? So here you go. The universe is right again. 

Before (cake):

After (cake):

While everyone sang happy birthday, I had an out-of-body experience where I heard myself shrieking over the voices, “HAAAAAAPPY BIRTHDAY, DEAR MAVERICK AND ASHER … I CAN’T BELIEVE WE ALL MADE IT, WE ACTUALLY MADE IT, THIS WAS THE LONGEST YEAR OF MY LIIIIIIIIIIFE….happy birthday to yooooooou!”
As we celebrated, I had a celebration of my own. Because in this year, I have done things I never imagined myself doing. I have seen things I never thought I would see. I endured stretches of time that seemed to go into eternity. I hit the rock bottom of motherhood, and then I came back up – slowly.
I rejoice in my children and in myself. Happy birthday, sweet ONE and TWO … who we inadvertently had three years and one day apart. And happy I MADE IT THIS FAR! SURELY I CAN GO ON! to me.

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