A Mother Who Got Away.

I have the house to myself and a borrowed laptop because I have a wonderful mother-in-law who probably lies in bed and worries at night what might happen if her daughter-in-law loses her shit because she can’t write. Not really. But maybe.

I really want to talk some more about the girl’s trip I took a few weeks ago. I don’t feel like I gave it the attention it deserved. First of all, EVERYONE needs time away. I have been watching Real Housewives of New York and it seems like there is always some chick that can’t go away for the weekend without her husband. It’s either co-dependence, or a worry he’ll run off with his mistress. Either way, I pity those people.

Not that it was easy to leave my family. It wasn’t. I was so pumped to leave and when it came down to it, when Husband wrapped his big bear arms around me while two pairs of tiny eyes were staring, it hurt.

However. Sometimes doing things that are good for you isn’t easy or comfortable. It was really one of the best experiences I’ve had in quite some time — getting away. Not just a break for an afternoon, but a weekend. It was restoring. I am already planning my next escape. Here are some pictures that tell the story of a mother who got away.

I couldn’t leave town without writing some notes. This one is still on our bathroom mirror. Husband doesn’t want to take it down.
Here I am in a bathroom stall at the New Orleans International Airport, when it hit me that I was FREE FOR A WHOLE WEEKEND.
Southwest Airlines.
I sat next to some incredibly nice people, one of which gave me his drink coupon to use for not one but TWO flights. Thank you, John Ward. I arrived in Nashville feeling quite relaxed.
Some of my favorite people in the world! The other one is behind the camera, her name is Anca and you’ll meet her in a minute.
My beautiful friend Jolene, glowing and quite pregnant.

Kelli (left) and Jolene (right) are the two best things about Nashville. Aside from their men, who cooked us brunch earlier that day.
Anca! There you are! On the left. In the middle there’s Lila who is going to be angry at me when she sees this … but she looks FAB! No need to be upset.
The Last Breakfast.

And … then I came home.

It’s a good thing I restored myself, because the very next morning ONE started preschool.

“Really, ONE? You won’t smile for the camera?”

The day after THAT, a hurricane came and I stress-ate for 72 hours.

The power came back on.

I then had to throw together a birthday party for my children.

TWO’s about to bolt.
Yesterday, as my kids were loudly playing with their new birthday presents which all make lots of noise, I went through some very old pictures and found some real gems.
No need to comment on my glasses. I’m quite aware that they were eating my face. For some reason, I’m still wearing the same ones several years later:
I want to pull my 12-year-old self aside and say to her, “Honey, you won’t know what a blowout is for a long, long time.” My 12-year-old self was kind of shy and probably wouldn’t have known what to say.
What else would I have told my 12-year-old self? I would have told her that one day she will have a family and that it’s okay to want to escape them occasionally. As long as she comes back. Which she will.
I would have told her to learn how to apply makeup sooner rather than later because it will save her 32-year-old self embarrassment when she looks through old pictures.
And finally, I would have said that she’s a very lucky young woman, because she will always have the best people in her life. The best. Not everyone has that, I would tell her. She doesn’t know this yet. She still thinks everyone is good. I would whisper, “Somehow, no matter what happens to you — and bad things are going to happen — you will always have people there to hold your hand and help you. Always. You have nothing to be afraid of. Eventually you’ll learn how to dress for your body type. But right NOW, for the LOVE, please learn how to apply foundation.”

2 thoughts on “A Mother Who Got Away.

  1. I just had to tell you that lately, I am in great need of a getaway; and while it is nowhere in sight, your blog is often my mini getaway. You remind me that it's ok to feel insane sometimes and that there is humor in the madness. Thanks. 🙂


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