I Am Not A Bad Mother.

ONE didn’t want to go to school today. See how pissed off he looks? He is NOT HAPPY. Also, I can see my tonsils.

It’s surprisingly hard to leave your kid at school when he doesn’t want to be there. Not logistically hard, like when he’s wrapped around your leg and your arms are full of a very large baby named TWO. Because that happened. And it wasn’t fun.

No … I mean it’s emotionally hard. Like you feel like a bad mom because your kid doesn’t want to be left there and you are definitely, without question, going to leave him there. 

Every morning I put on my peppy face, seen above, and tell him he’s going to have so much fun! and learn so many cool things! and before he knows it, I’ll be back to pick him up. 

Some moms linger and give kisses and hugs. Not me. I tell him I love him, and I bolt. I have things to do. He will adjust.

They tell me he’s very cheerful once I’m gone. When I return after lunch, he never wants to leave. I am not a bad mother. I am not a bad mother. I am not a bad mother.

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