Life Lessons.

ONE talks a lot about school. There is a little boy who gets in trouble for picking his nose, calling people “stupid” and not listening. Thankfully, this little boy does not belong to me. 

Today, we had this conversation:

ONE: Mommy? There is a little girl in my class who always tells me “NO.”

Me: What do you mean she tells you “NO?”

ONE: She tells me no. Like when I want to play with a puzzle, she says no. Or a dinosaur. She tells me no.

Me: Is she telling you no because it’s something she is already playing with? Are you trying to take toys away from her?

ONE: No. Nobody is playing with the toys, they are on the shelf. She just tells me no, all the time, and it’s driving me cuckoo, Mommy, it really is.

Me: Is this little girl the boss?

ONE: No.

Me: Who is the boss when you’re at school?

ONE: The teacher is.

Me: Okay then. It’s good for you to learn how to deal with different kinds of kids, ONE. You know why? 

ONE: (staring)

Me: Because when you grow up like Mommy and Daddy you’ll have to deal with difficult people. This is your first lesson. You might as well learn now while you’re four. 

I think I have done enough for today.

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