Not My Pal.

My friends have all joined My Fitness Pal. I actually joined many months ago, after TWO was born and I hit a weight-loss plateau. Tracking my food intake was semi helpful to me and I lost about 29 pounds, but now I’m at another plateau and I need to bust through it.

I’ve been saying that for like 6 months.

So, I succumbed to the peer pressure and got back on the MFP wagon and immediately remembered why I fell off in the first place. This is what tracking my food intake does to me.

That is one half of a can of Pringles potato chips. The other half is in my belly. Being under the stress of a specified calorie allowance makes me do this. I think it must be psychological.

Maybe you’re wondering what I’m doing with a can of Pringles in the first place, if I am trying to lose weight. Well, I got mad at my Husband this morning and I took them and then ate them out of spite. Then I got mad thinking about what My Fitness Pal, who is not actually my pal, would have to say about that. So I ate more of them.

The only choices I have as a rebellious dieter are to not diet at all, or figure out a way to diet that works for me. I better figure it out fast, because someone left an Oatmeal Creme Pie in the kitchen.

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