Pumpkin Carving.

Yesterday, Husband and ONE carved pumpkins. Here they are, hard at work.

It was super cute.

Apparently, Husband used a permanent marker to trace the faces and he forgot to bring it inside when they cleaned up. He DID, however, remember to bring in the knives and sharp tools that they were carving with … so kudos to him for that.

Later that afternoon, ONE was driving me crazy so I sent him outside to play. A few minutes later I noticed he was riding his bike up and down the driveway, holding that marker. 

And I knew.

I failed to capture a picture of his hands and his bike which were also decorated. Thankfully, he was stopped before he went crazy on the car … or the house

I was irrationally angry at Husband for leaving the marker out there, like angry to the point that I later had to apologize because it was just too crazy. And, like he pointed out … at least he remembered to bring the knives in.

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