Lost Numbers.

My scotch-taped-together phone finally kicked the bucket yesterday. Husband got himself a new phone, some sort of Samsung business, and I inherited his iphone. Somehow in the process of all of this, my phone contacts were lost.

When he told me the news, I came unhinged. And by that, I mean I started sobbing and saying “Now what am I supposed to do?!” Much like a person would if, say, their house burned to the ground. 

Now that it’s several hours later and I have recovered from the tragedy of lost phone numbers, I can’t decide if my reaction was horrible or horribly FUNNY. I cannot cope with life when I’m pregnant. I mean really cannot cope.

On the bright side … my newly inherited iphone takes great pictures, so you have all been spared from having to look at any more cruddy pictures from my old phone. May it rest in peace.

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