Maison is the Cajun term for “house,” which is as close to the word “home” I could find through my friend Google. I haven’t talked much about how happy I am to be home this Christmas. Where else can you find a Blue Dog interpretation in the pediatrician’s office?! Totally made my day.

Moving back home to Baton Rouge was the best decision Husband and I could have made. There have been sacrifices, yes. This wasn’t something that was simple for us to do. We have a home back in Alabama that is now going through foreclosure, so that lets you know the kind of situation we’re in. But it was a good decision for us nonetheless, and being here during the holidays has been so much fun. Sometimes I feel like it still hasn’t sunk in that we are HERE, we really do LIVE here … there is still a novelty that hasn’t worn off.

I had forgotten about the culture, the way of life, the ease of the people here. There is a sense of neighborliness that I haven’t found in other places. We just fit here, in the mugginess that never leaves ... with the people who don‘t care what you’re wearing or who you know. Everyone here just wants to enjoy life. WE want to enjoy life. So there it is. 

This Christmas for us means jazz music, shopping with my mother (a rarity before now!), leaving the kids with a grandparent so Husband and I can get holiday errands done, catching Mardi Gras beads at a Christmas parade, and watching lit-up alligators pull Santa’s sleigh instead of reindeer.

It means bananas foster lattes, OB’s named Dr. Boudreaux, and a family that’s growing. This year, despite all of our challenges, we are very, very BLESSED.

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