A Whole Lot of Strange.

We’ve had quite a week. It’s a lot of little things that added up to a whole lot of strange.
Take a journey with me …
ONE drew a family portrait. We all have one eye and frowns. I’m the one with the boobs. Also … and I quote, “the boys have penises that go to the ground to help us walk.” 
Is there a need for concern? It’s an odd portrayal of our family … 
Husband and I just looked at it and said, “Oh …. ! Wow!” and resumed our conversation. We ignored the boobs and the tripod penises completely.
See this sweet boy? 

He’s extremely accident prone. He’s a climber, runner, leaper, somersaulter and terrify mommy-er. This week he fell in the tub and chipped a front tooth. 

I overreacted accordingly.

“Snake” rode to school with us this week because it was rainy. Snake is not ONE’s hand, he is Snake. Do not get this twisted.

Snake got into a lot of trouble for pushing buttons in our car, and I’m fairly certain he broke the backseat radio control buttons. I plan to address this with his handler.

TWO likes to hang out in his crib.

 ONE likes to dress up like a lawyer.

Big Bro has a drinking problem.

I am 18 weeks into the production of THREE and we’ll find out on Wednesday if it’s a boy or a girl! I’m super excited to find out. THREE has been thump-thumping around for awhile now, he/she is very active. Probably because of my Keurig

Life is hard but we’re trying to make it as fun as possible. Big Bro is having the most fun of all. Cheers, you giant lump of stuffing.

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