TWO’s First Day.

This day came a lot sooner than I expected, but tomorrow TWO will start “school.” We enrolled him in the same preschool ONE attends, and he will be in a class of other 1 and 2-year-olds. He will attend two days a week, and I can’t decide if I’m thankful for the break or if I need to have a good cry.

I think I need to have a good cry.

We made this decision so I could free up more of my time to do things on the side to bring in extra income. It’s just until May, and it will benefit the whole family, but OMG-IT-JUST-HIT-ME I am SO not ready for this:

Dual lunchboxes.

 And this:

Dual backpacks.

Yes, these are my problems. I used to be the mom who had her kid in daycare full-time, and now I’m fighting back tears thinking about sending my toddler off for 5 hours.

Who am I?! Am I going to start wearing purple scrunchies in my hair? Sweatshirts with teddy bear appliques on them?! Stop showering?! These were my fears when I first became pregnant with ONE. Like I would somehow morph into a different person overnight. Change into someone I didn’t like or recognize.

Well … I’m here to tell you. I HAVE changed. It’s more of a slow metamorphosis than an overnighter, but I am definitely not the same person I once was. I’m poorer, I’m less kept, I’m more wrinked and I often forget to look in the mirror. I cry over things that didn’t phase me before. But I still recognize myself, and most importantly, I like myself more than I ever have.

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