Chicago 2013.

Here’s what happens when I’m let out of the house: I take pictures of random things that entertain me, and then I come home from a really big trip with photos like these.

This was in the airport.

And then there was the experience I had in the Nashville airport where all of the stalls were available (see photo below), and yet, some bitch decided to use the one right next to me. Really??

I had a wonderful, but exhausting, trip with my girlfriends. And then Husband picked me up in New Orleans and I burst into tears … from exhaustion, from the stress of air travel and feeling my uterus contract into a painfully tight ball during every single takeoff and landing, from smelling too many strangers, from missing my family, and from being overwhelmed. I’m fairly certain I’m not a sissy in real life, but in pregnant life I TOTALLY AM.

Here’s what I’ve learnedI don’t think I should travel while pregnant, but I realized this slightly too late, while zooming up the elevator in the John Hancock building. That is when I thought to myself, “Oh shit.”  The moral of the story is that I’m glad I went, but wow, that trip really kicked my pregnant ass. 

Luckily, there were people present who took pictures of us instead of bald eagles with widespread wings. This is why I need my friends.

Lunch at Karyn’s Cooked, a well-known vegan restaurant.

Sweet Jolene turned 25 last week (we shall be 25 forever)!

Fuzzy night time photo taken by a well-dressed local.

I like this picture. Also, I did Kate’s hair (far right) and I kind of want to chop mine off now. And get a hot pink blazer like Kelli‘s.

View from the Hancock Building.

Breakfast at Bongo Room in Wicker Park. Hands down, best breakfast of my life.

WEEEEEE! On the elevator going 90-something stories up and I thought I might die.

Dinner at Giordano’s pizza.

City life.


This is all vegan! It was surprisingly yummy.

Group photo!

I have to give props to Anca, our beautiful hostess in the white dress standing next to me in the picture above. She was so delightful and her husband Cort was so helpful and polite that I kind of wanted to cram them both into my suitcase and bring them back to Louisiana with me.

No, really.

Now that I’m back home, I have a ton of laundry to do and children to hug and lemon water to drink. And sleep to catch up on. It’s good to be missed.

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