Things That Make Me Happy.

It’s been awhile since I’ve written a Things That Make Me Happy post, probably because I’ve been too busy bitching about pregnancy, but I’ll make up for it today! I have so many things to share I don’t know where to start.

Here are some things that are making me happy right now:

This cool necklace I picked up in Chicago during my trip.     
New placemats!  
That’s a real, live rabbit there. I have to give ONE’s preschool props for this one … that’s brave. On several counts.
The “grumpy cat” meme on the internet. Husband is way cooler than me because he knew about this first. OMG. So funny.

Tiny shoes.
It’s empty. But still FUNNY.

I got TWO a baby doll that looks like him to help teach him about babies. He loves it, and I can’t stop taking pictures of them.

And … I’ve saved the best for last. 

I’ve been dealing with a situation at my house for the past week. TWO figured out he was able to climb out of the Pack N’ Play he’s been sleeping in, and all hell broke loose. I tried everything, but he was really fighting his naps. I put a childproof knob on the inside of his bedroom door, but that little Houdini figured out how to break it off and escape, and I was in Mommy Hell.

I’m actually thankful we have him in the Pack N’ Play right now instead of the crib, because that would be a farther fall for him. We knew it was only a matter of time, and totally expected this to happen because he’s such a climber, but I needed a fix. Fast

I was venting to some friends about my problem, and my girlfriend Lila said her friend Laura who has 4 children found a solution and would I like to hear it?


Laura, who I don’t know, but I’d hug her if I did, said she put her child in a toddler-sized “sleep sack” that prevented him from getting a leg up and over the side of the crib. He sleeps soundly and happily in his soft blanket bag. BRILLIANT! 

If you ever have a problem you can’t figure out how to solve, ask a group of moms. One of them will have an idea you haven’t thought of, or maybe someone will know someone who has 4 kids. Anyone who has 4 kids knows what she’s talking about, therefore, you should definitely try whatever she says works.

So I went to the store yesterday with my mom, and we found exactly one sleep sack that was big enough for TWO. 

It’s bubblegum pink.

I figured as long as it keeps the kid cozy and in his bed, it didn’t matter what color it was. Husband was really upset with me over the color … I think it’s because he hasn’t experienced enough of TWO when he‘s fighting his naps, tired and screaming and throwing himself out of his Pack N’ Play. Which is why I completely ignored Husband’s complaints.


He’s happy! I’m happy!

It reminds me very much of this poor little guy


 And all of that, my friends, makes me HAPPY.


4 thoughts on “Things That Make Me Happy.

  1. Brillant. And when he figures out how to unzip it (and he will eventually because he is very clever) you just put it on him inside out and then as a last resort, you can sew it at the bottom…… enjoy the afternoon peace!


  2. Have you thought about baby gates? We bought them when my youngest started climbing out of his crib. My husband heard something in the middle of the night one night and went to investigate, only to find my son trying to open our back door so he could go play outside. I panicked. The next day I went to babies R Us and got several gates. They swing open so you don't have to remove them every time you walk through the door. He's almost 4 now and still hasn't figured them out. He stays in his room all night, and in the morning we let him out! He's actually old enough now that we could probably take them down, but they also work great to keep the puppy that husband felt the need to bring home (as if our lives weren't chaotic enough) out of all the bedrooms.

    PS…your last photo totally cracked me up! Makes me happy too 🙂


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