Since Husband and I don’t have a lot of time for idle chat, we communicate via text. For example:

 And …

In case you can’t make out that picture very well, here’s a bigger version. He wanted to be a “zombie,” you see.

 And …

To be fair, I send Husband crazy stuff too. Mostly pictures like these.

Here is what I’m going to end up wearing by the end of my pregnancy.

This is why it’s a bad idea to pour hot popcorn kernels into a plastic bag.
Those are Husband’s straws. TWO chewed on each one before putting it back in the box.
And when I learned that Lil’ Wayne was in the hospital, probably from drinking too much “sizzurp” …

I read an article that is circulating the internet titled, In Defense of the iPhone Mom, and I. Loved. It. If I didn’t have technology to keep me company through long days of being at home with my kids, I would lose it. So I’m grateful for it and the fact that Husband is willing to take the time to explain “sizzurp” and “YOLOto me. Because these kids certainly can’t.

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