More Proof That I Am Slow.

This just happened …

… because I am slow and TWO is extremely agile for such a young chap. I leaned over to turn off the water, and he slipped right in there like some kind of toddler ninja.

Rather than fight it, I just let it happen … which is my new motto. Just let it happen, and deal with it later. 

I’m sick of wiping my kid’s noses and kind of sick of feeding them, honestly. I’ve become very lackadaisical about both of these things. I have a certain number of times per day that I can haul myself off the couch to get more Kleenex, or bend way down to wipe oatmeal off the floor. And normally I’m maxxed out by, say … 11:00 a.m.

Normally, I actually enjoy housework. I like to clean and put things in order. I’m an orderly kind of person. I like to live in an orderly environment. But now? Now, I have this fantasy of simply refusing to wash one more dish or deal with one more wet, sandy towel or wipe one more nose. I am teetering on the point of not caring about order anymore, because I just want to lie down. 

And then I think to myself, “What’s the worst that could happen, if I just stopped cleaning and wiping noses?” Well … Husband would come home to a filthy house. And he would not notice. In fact, I believe he would happily add to the filth, roll around in it like a happy pig in a sty, clip his toenails on the living room floor and think to himself with glee, “FINALLY! I AM FREE TO BE GROSS!”

So … I guess that is the worst that could happen. 

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