So … here is where I realize that moms really are kind of boring, because the things that excite us are not really that exciting at all. But it’s kind of like if you took a person and put them in a tent with no running water or electricity and all they had to eat were crackers, and then you went back to visit and took them to the corner store in your motor vehicle. They would be overjoyed about going somewhere. It doesn’t matter that it’s no place fancy. Their perceptions have changed.

That’s kind of what mothering small children is like.

Today all I can talk about to anyone who will listen is how we finally packed up the Pack N’ Play because TWO slept in his big bed last night. No more of that! No more pink fuzzy bag! This boy got it. Can I get an AMEN!?

Napping in his real bed.

Unless you have lived through the trying experience of transitioning a 19-month-old out of a crib and into a twin-sized bed, while at the same time transitioning your 4-year-old into the idea of sharing his room with his brother, all whilst pregnant … you may not understand my excitement. And that’s okay. I wouldn’t have understood it either. I probably would have thought to myself, That girl needs to get a life.” All the judgy judgerton thoughts I’ve had over the years have now come back to haunt me, manifesting themselves in the small people who are taking over my house.

There are all these major milestones throughout my mothering journey that seem so overwhelming if I allow myself to think ahead. I am absolutely wigging out over having a third child. WIGGING. OUT. If I allow myself to actually think too much about it, I start feeling like I can’t breathe and I just want to go hide in a very large, very dark, very squishy corner full of snacks and never come out.

But as with every other Big Thing looming on the horizon, the time comes, and we all deal with it just fine. Which makes me think … maybe we’re doing a decent job and our children really are well-adjusted. Thankfully, little things happen periodically that remind me that this is a time of excitement, and not a time of OH SHIT. I am grateful to be reminded.

We got this in the mail today! The most fabulous bow holder I have ever seen! I cannot wait to hang it in my daughter’s room.

A fun $5 dress from Target, size 12M, just because.

This is ONE and the girl he’s in love with.

The picture directly above was taken last week during the preschool’s field trip to the zoo. I was definitely not prepared for anything that took place during those 4 hours. I’ll spare you the agony of the details, but suffice it to say that my son wanted nothing to do with his mommy. It was very much like chaperoning a date. He and “K” held hands the whole time while they ran ahead of us, and it was ridiculous and adorable and I really didn’t know what to make of it.  

K’s mom was there too, and I was relieved to discover she was totally cool and normal and has three children herself, so she didn’t seem to judge me when I completely lost it in the zoo playground when both of my kids had simultaneous meltdowns and we left without saying bye to any freaking one

My meltdowns are becoming more frequent and my main goal at this juncture is to just try to keep them at a manageable level. I need a kiddie pool and some kind of fruity juice, and from now on I plan to throw the kids in the water every afternoon while I sit as quietly as possible, sipping my mocktail. 

Boring moms, in addition to getting excited about their children’s sleep habits, also drink mocktails. This is simply where I am. I’m embracing it.


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