Tirade Time.

Everyone on Facebook is all riled up over this article, where the CEO of Abercrombie & Fitch flat-out says they don’t want overweight or ugly people wearing their clothes. Also, he states why they only hire very good-looking employees — because, and I quote — “good-looking people attract other good-looking people, and we want to market to cool, good-looking people. We don’t market to anyone other than that.”


This store has been around for a long time. I remember shopping there in high school, back when they still carried a size 12. I liked their jeans because they were roomy in the ass. Apparently now the largest size they offer is a 10 in women’s, and that size is waaaaaaaay high up on the shelves so you, the fatso who requires a size 10, are forced to ask for help from one of the good-looking sales people. Oh, the shame.

Reading that Abercrombie caters to skinny and pretty people doesn’t outrage or shock me in the least. I mean … duh. They have had chiseled male models standing shirtless in their doorway for years now. I do find it amusing that the man in charge is so open with his douchery. Also, the fact that the company is being accused of “body elitism” makes me laugh. Hello … what about all of the designers who don’t go above a size 6? What about MODELS? What about “vanity sizing,” where a size 6 is actually the size of a 10 (I’m looking at you, GAP), and you keep going back to that store because shopping there makes you feel skinny? It’s all stupid. Stupid, stupid.

Note: I am about to go on a tirade. Keep in mind that this is what I am teaching my own children … you may disagree. And you know what? THAT IS OKAY. Study these abs for a moment before you continue. These are the abs of the Abercrombie models.


Begin tirade.

There is clearly a problem in this country. We all have it too easy and we feel “bullied” and want everyone to be treated nicely and we think everyone should get a blue ribbon because everyone is a winner. That’s not realistic. Everyone is not a winner. There is only one winner, and that is why there is only one first place.

I think we do a disservice to our kids by making them believe that they deserve a blue ribbon when they came in last. It’s okay to lose sometimes. It’s okay to be dressed differently. It’s okay to be fatter than the other kids. It’s okay to be skinnier than the other kids. Are you healthy? Do you have a talent? Then focus on that, for God’s sake. Everyone has some redeeming quality, but everyone is not beautiful or smart or exceptional. 

Sometimes there are stores that only want perfect people wearing their clothes. Sometimes you get made fun of. That’s life, and it goes to show how spoiled all of us are. There are people on this Earth who have no food or water, and we’re over here squabbling over whether it’s more attractive to have visible ribs, or abundant curves. I’m embarrassed for us all. Our hypersensitivity has made us weak.

There will always be douchebags wandering around telling you that you aren’t good enough. We can’t change them, but we can change how much we allow their opinion to affect our lives. Let this Jeffries guy be a total jerk. Let him waste away reeking of cologne, pumping his face full of chemicals in an effort to turn back time. He fits right in with millions of other people. WHO CARES. If everyone stopped shopping there and he went out of business right this minute, another douche would surely take his place. 

Shallow and horrible parents continue to spawn shallow and horrible children who will most likely terrorize my normal ones at some point in the future. My kids will want to wear whatever is cool and I have no idea if I will be able to afford to dress them in the cool stuff or not. Maybe they’re going to have to deal with being made fun of. Maybe they’ll have to get a job to pay for the clothes that they just have to have. Maybe my kids will never win a blue ribbon or be able to get a job at Abercrombie because they don’t fit the mold. 

I don’t care.  

I readily admit that bullying is wrong, but hypersensitive kids are the weak ones that will probably get bullied the most. Don’t send your child into the world feeling like they are owed something. They aren’t. Sometimes they will lose and you, their parent, need to be okay with that. Let them lose. Let them learn. Show them that it’s OKAY to FAIL, OMG. It’s OKAY to be WEIRD, OMG.

Teach them to be strong: in mind, body, and most importantly — SPIRIT — and it will be harder for the Abercrombies of the world to ruin their lives.

End tirade.

7 thoughts on “Tirade Time.

  1. I totally agree with teaching our children it's ok to be different and it's ok to lose. My son is now a grown man and I taught him all of those things. He had his moments where he was made fun of…and you know what…because of what I taught him (and what you're teaching your children), he just waked away and didn't let it bother him. My son is not tall by any stretch of the imagination and he doesn't have “short man's syndrome” and he doesn't care that he's short. In fact, he is now in the military and loving everything in life and he has made some great life long friends. He isn't the top of his class, but he does his best and as long as he knows that, he's happy. BECAUSE kids need to know it's ok to be different and it's ok to lose sometimes as long as you do your best and be the best you can be, that's all that matters.

    Guess I went on a tirade of sorts too. But good for you…teach those babies all is OK.


  2. I agree. I want my kids to be who they are. As long as they are clean, fed, and wearing clean underwear, I don't particularly care what clothes they decide to wear. My eldest wanted to wear her pirate princess costume to the park last weekend. Okey doke kiddo. I'll get it out of your closet. Yeah, mean little shit head kids had something to say to my THREE YEAR OLD, her response to their questions of “Why are you wearing that?” Or “Why do you dress funny?” : “Because I like to and I can.” there were no tears, no yelling matches, she just went about playing on the slide and chasing daddy all over the park. My kids are who they are and I am A-OK with that.


  3. So glad to see someone posted about this on they're blog. What a dreadful man. He must be miserable inside to have such a cold heart towards most of the world who arent the perfect body shape.


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