Belly Bandit.

Today I ordered myself a Belly Bandit. Well, I actually ordered two Belly Bandits, because you’re supposed to wear it for 6-8 weeks postpartum and if the thing works (AND IT BETTER), then I should go down a size during that period of time.

I followed the instructions and referred to the sizing chart and felt somewhat surprised that my stomach is only 46 inches around at the widest point. It feels more like 66, but I measured it twice. Anyway … after much internet research I finally decided that it would be worth the money to compress my midsection with some kind of garment after this baby arrives. It is, after all, my third. There is no telling what kind of wreckage I will be left with.

The website annoys me because — for starters — do I look anything like this girl? NO. Also, the people in the “testimonial” section look like half-starved models, not normal people like me with cellulite. But it’s okay … we’ll all know in a few months whether or not I just wasted $100 of Husband’s hard-earned money on compression garments.  

In my fantasy world, I imagine him getting all pumped up after selling a car and telling his co-workers “YES!! Now Harmony can afford to get her spider veins zapped off!” Or, “YES!! Now Harmony can go to the spa!” Or like today, in my fantasy world, he will say to someone “I am so glad I’m having a good month so Harmony could buy not ONE but TWO Belly Bandits!”

I know this isn’t what happens. But I would love to hear Husband say “compression garment.” Just once.

One thought on “Belly Bandit.

  1. Hi Harmony,

    I just came across your blog. I thought I would try and allay some of your fears regarding the Belly Bandit. We were first to import the Belly Bandit into Australia in 2008. You will definitely see results wearing the wraps (even if you don't look like the testimonials they post on their site!). The purpose of the Belly Bandit (and all other wraps) is to compress your tummy muscles by pulling them back towards your spine, thereby reducing the size of your Diastasis (gap in your tummy muscles). They also offer excellent abdominal support post birth when your belly feels (let's face it) like one big bowl of jelly! Belly Bandits will not help you lose kilo's upon kilo's and transform you into a supermodel (they are not a magic form of weight loss), however, they will definitely help compress your expanded tummy and you will find yourself back into your pre-pregnancy clothes (not smaller than pre-preg) quicker than if you weren't wearing one. I hope this helps boost your confidence in your recent purchase, and if you have any other queries regarding belly wraps, you can visit our website to learn more
    All the best with your bub, and I hope hubby is recovering from V-Day! 🙂


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