Game Changers.

There are a few things that have happened in the past week, aside from Pepper’s birth, which have changed my life. 

First, Husband got a big promotion. Like really big. I am so ridiculously proud of him I kind of want to cry every time I think about it. I know that this is a direct answer to so many prayers I have whispered during my crazy days at home, asking God to “PLEASE GIVE ME STRENGTH and help me to be a GOOD AND DECENT MOTHER to these children, and You know what would help me out too? A little financial freedom and a gym membership again.” Apparently He agreed with me.

So many things have been happening around here that we haven’t had a chance to properly celebrate and acknowledge this huge accomplishment. I am no longer the wife of a car salesman. I am now the wife of a Finance Manager.  

And all the people said … AMEN.

Here are some other, less consequential things that have helped my transition into mothering three children be slightly less shocking:

1. I have learned to trust myself. I thought I already trusted myself, but as it turns out there are different levels of confidence. I am proud of the choices I’ve made and continue to make.

2. I’m not medicated, but I plan to get medicated immediately if I start to go off the deep end. I think Pepper’s birth reminded me there is no medal for soldiering on when you can just take the drugs.

3. Baby gates. I finally bit the bullet and allowed Husband to put a horribly tacky baby gate up to keep Asher out of the kitchen … and off the dining room table … and out of the refrigerator … and away from the dishwasher. It may be tacky, but my life seems so much simpler now.

 Asher begs to differ.

4. A normal baby. I have never experienced the joy of a newborn who didn’t scream incessantly. Wow … life without colic is so different. If you have kids and none of them were colicky, count yourself blessed. For once, I can enjoy my infant without feeling like my stomach is all tied up in knots from endless hours of screaming. Maybe THAT is why I don’t need medication. 

I’d say our first week has been a surprising success.


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