That Is Not A Fort.

I’m always looking for new and easy ways to entertain my children. My friend Lila mentioned several months ago that her kids like to take the cushions off the couches and make forts with them. At the time, I remember thinking that there is no way in hell that would work in my house. I’d never tried it, but I just knew. Kind of like how I know that if I buy Asher his own little potty to pee and poop in, it would be a gigantic,  pee-filled, mistake. I don’t have concrete reasons to back this up. I just have a gut-wrenching reaction of “NO!!!!!!!” when I think about it. 

In a moment of weakness last week, I blurted out to the boys that no, they could not cover each other’s heads with blankets and put each other in sleeper holds … but they could remove the couch cushions and play on them.

This is what happened. And what continues to happen, every damn night.

Someone is going to get hurt. And it’s all Lila’s fault.

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