Next week, Maverick will turn 5. The very next day, Asher will turn 2. We’re having a party at our house. I have absolutely no business hosting any sort of event right now, just so we’re clear. But … that’s what is happening.

We made a guest list, I bought invitations, and I sat down to crank them out while the little kids were sleeping. I’m awesome, I thought to myself.

It wasn’t until after I put them all in the mail that I realized that absolutely nowhere on the invite does it say the word birthday. It does not say what kind of party we’re inviting them to. Not even an inkling. When I went to Walmart for diapers and grabbed the invitations, I wasn’t thinking. I pretty much haven’t been able to think clearly for a year now, which has been demonstrated over and over and OVER again in various ways … but the important thing is, there will be cake. And a water slide.

I think. 

What the hell is this!?
I’ll just use it as a coaster.

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