Fresh Air.

I love having a daughter. LOVE. 

I was apprehensive about all the frilly pink stuff after having two boys, but I am full-on embracing it. Bring on the My Little Ponies and the sparkly nail polish and oversized hair bows, because this is awesome.

I love feeling not so alone in this house full of males. Last night I had to break down a bathroom door and capture a baby gecko lizard in a cup to bring him outside where he belonged. Those are two things I would not have been entirely comfortable with doing, say, two years ago. I kill spiders now. With my bare hands.

It’s almost like I lost some of my femininity and now I’m finding it again, because there is another girl to enjoy pretty things with …

… which balances out things like this:

That is Asher’s nasty, horrible scar from when he fell in glass a few weeks ago. Yikes. A million times over, YIKES. So in the midst of being swallowed up in a sea of scar tissue, bugs, bathrooms that smell like pee, and the smell of peanut butter and dirt on unwashed hands … Pepper is a breath of fresh air. 

Everyone knows I love my boys. But thank God for my girl.

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