The childproof lock that we screwed into our refrigerator is broken. Someone — Husband? Maverick? — slammed the plastic clasp in the refrigerator door one too many times, and now it won’t lock. Once again, we are trying to figure out how to keep Asher out of the fridge. And if you’re wondering what is wrong with these people/their kid can’t possibly be that difficult to contain, I submit to you this:

THIS is what happens when you fence in your entire yard and turn your back for a few moments, assuming your child is safely contained.


My friend Kate said he just needs to get a little bigger, so he can’t fit through the slats in the fence. I said no, he’ll just climb over it. She then said maybe if he was fatter …. ?? And slower … ?? And then, all at once, we accepted it. The kid can’t be corralled.

I think it’s time to focus my efforts on street and stranger safety, so when he does manage to escape, he will know how to come right back without getting harmed in the process. Here he is collecting pine cones in our front yard. It was a very serious matter.

It kind of freaks me out to have two little boys with such determination running through them. Maverick has been a major challenge pretty much since birth because of that damn determination. And now we can see it in Asher, who will silently work on something without you noticing, red-faced and narrow-eyed, and the next thing you know … he’s disappeared. Or standing on top of something way too high. Or holding a gallon of milk.

Sometimes people will comment that they don’t know how I do it, take care of these kids full time with such long days. Well, I’ll tell you. It’s that same determination that scares the crap out of me when I see it in my kids. The determination gets me through things like a trip to Wonder Cuts by myself, which is what we did today after we got Maverick from school.

He was determined to feed his sister.

Asher was determined to do a chin-up on that handrail.

I was determined that we were getting haircuts, and no one was going to make a fool out of me but me.

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