8 Years of Weird.

Just when I think I’ve grown accustomed to Husband’s weird and quirky ways, he goes and does something new that I haven’t seen before. 

Last night I was sitting in our bedroom talking to him about our anniversary — which is next week — and as I talked, I watched him pull the lint from his belly button and carefully drop it into my gym bag. Then he turned around and continued talking to me as if nothing had happened.

Things like this remind me of just how vast our differences are. I asked him “Why did you just do that?” And he said “Do what?”  

“Dude. You just put your belly button lint in my gym bag.” 

“Oh … THAT. I just wanted you to think of me the next time you go work out.”

Asher dropped a sippy cup behind our headboard last weekend, which totally freaked me out because I don’t allow sippy cups to be dropped behind beds. Ever. And if it happens, I scramble to retrieve it. I am one of those people who can’t deal with the thought of liquid somewhere that it should not be. That is what mold is made of, and I can’t have mold in my house. 

So I shrieked for him to GET IT OUT FROM UNDER THERE! and he said he will … eventually. I guarantee you, he hasn’t thought of it since. Meanwhile, I have thought of it every day since it happened, imagining what’s growing in that cup in the dark under our bed. Well, I know what’s growing in there. Mold, that’s what.

Here is my favorite picture from when Penelope was born.

I took this when I was in labor.

We are an example of how opposites not only attract, but can make it work on a daily basis for 8 years of marriage. We couldn’t have more different backgrounds and personalities, but we each think the other person is charming and interesting so …

So far, so good.

2 thoughts on “8 Years of Weird.

  1. I literally laughed out loud reading this. Only because I am thankful some else's husband does stuff like this. At one point, my husband was collecting his daily belly button lint into a belly button lint ball “for me.” How in the hell do they get daily belly button lint anyways?!?!?!? Well at least we are so loved! Lol


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