Opposites Attract.

The longer Husband and I are in this situation — otherwise known as our life — together, the more we mutually appreciate each other. I certainly wouldn’t want to be financially supporting a family of five. That’s a lot of pressure. And I’m certain he wouldn’t want to be responsible for clipping 30 tiny fingernails and 30 tiny toenails every week and making sure no one in the family gets constipated.

This morning I woke up feeling like I wasn’t ready to face anyone or deal with anything and that feeling persisted until I kind of freaked out and yelled a bunch of horrible things so Husband offered to take over for the morning. He stepped in and cooked breakfast, brushed kid’s teeth, dressed them, etc. I kept hearing him say “Good LORD” and “Whew!” under his breath, and it cracked. me. up.

He seemed happy to be leaving the house to go to work this morning. One thing I am forever grateful for is the fact that I’m married to a laid-back man who says things like “try to take it easy today!” and never, ever asks why dinner isn’t ready. Because HE KNOWS WHY.

My guys.

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