The One Where I Get Mushy.

I appreciate this man in the Ninja Turtle mask so, so much. Somewhere right now, he’s cringing and thinking to himself, “CAN SHE PLEASE STOP POSTING THIS PICTURE EVERYWHERE?!” And the answer is no. I can’t. 

He doesn’t criticize. He supports. He doesn’t rub it in when I mess up. He encourages me. He gives me big hugs. He tells me I did great today, and will do even better tomorrow. Those words mean a lot after a long day of ridiculousness, filled with regret over losing my temper after I resolved not to, picking up tiny bits of food off the floor for the upteenth time, and digging deep for serenity when children are screaming. 

He knows I’m in the trenches right now and he’s my biggest cheerleader. Just knowing that he has complete faith in me helps me find faith in myself.

He doesn’t do grand gestures, poetry or candles — I knew he was a man’s man when I married him — but I think a part of me still hoped I’d be able to tap into his inner Shakespeare. I haven’t seen that happen yet, but what I have seen are a million different ways that he tells me he loves me, every single day. After spending almost a third of my life with this person, I’m finally hearing and seeing what he has been trying to tell and show me all this time … and for that, I am thankful.

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