8 Months.

It’s been 8 months since my third child was born and …. I’M STILL HERE, BITCHES.

Truthfully, I’m probably more amazed than anyone else. It was super hard in the beginning, obviously. But then when Maverick started Kindergarten, Asher started going to Mother’s Day Out once a week, and I got into a gym routine I had this honeymoon period where I felt like my life was actually manageable. Just when I started to feel cocky, all hell broke loose in what I refer to as the “Holiday Blur 2013.” I still have not recovered from that.

Meanwhile, Penelope Rose is 8 months today and I think the fact that we have all gotten to this point is a huge accomplishment … mostly on my part.

Pepper is wearing size 18 month clothes. She was in the 100th percentile in height and weight at her last checkup, which means she is longer and heavier than 100% of babies her age. That doesn’t make sense to me because I’m not mathematical. Like how can a kid be 100% of anything? Although I know she’s a really big baby. 

She’s trying to crawl, and has gotten efficient at putting her knees underneath her and kind of lunging forward which usually results in a face plant. She won’t hold her bottle or feed herself yet. She just started putting things in her mouth to chew on them last week. She still doesn’t roll much … probably because she is so big? It seems to take a lot of work to roll, and if the girl won’t hold her bottle (see exhibit A below), she probably just feels like rolling isn’t worth the effort. 

Someone will inevitably come over and pick her up or talk to her anyway. Her job is just to look cute and wait.

Exhibit A. Note arms straight out and relaxed.

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