This weekend my dear friend and soul sister Kate came to visit. 

One of the major disadvantages of attending an out-of-state university (and high school as well, but that’s another story) is that you meet these amazing people and form tight bonds with them, and then several years later you are scattered all over the country like sparkly confetti. I mean, it’s pretty much our duty as interesting people to jazz up America, and we can’t really do that if we all cluster together. So I get it. But still — it doesn’t feel right.

Kate and I have remained friends through medical school (her), three childbirths (me), marriage (both), and life. I only have a few people who get me to the degree that she gets me. When she came to my house and sat on my floor and played with my children, rummaged around in my kitchen, seasoned the asparagus I had no clue what to do with, and whipped up fresh guacamole like she’d been living just across town this entire time … it made me want to beg her not to go back to Atlanta and continue to jazz up the world of Sports Medicine. 


She washed and dried the dishes and when I told her to stop she shushed me and said she really wishes she could do it more often. So I shut up, sat down, and let her.

Soul sisters take care of each other. I never thought I would be the mom who got so wrapped up in caring for everyone else that she forgot herself, but I AM. I’m at the service and feet of everyone else all the time, because that is what happens when you are a mother and a wife. But my friends still know and remember me, the person. 

And I love them so much for that.

A lifetime ago.


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