I have exciting news! 

I’ll be published on Scary Mommy June 6th! SOMETHING I WROTE IS GOING TO BE POSTED THERE.

Now, if you have never heard of Scary Mommy I suggest you check it out. Go ahead, I’ll wait. 

Chances are, you have seen the books or the author without making the connection. Jill Smokler is incredibly down-to-earth for someone who has been on the Today Show multiple times along with a slew of other things that make my heart race. Like when I start thinking about who this person is that I actually had e-mail conversations with, I start to freak out like I-can’t-breathe-because-I’m-so-excited.

I may have told her she had fantastic hair. 

I have a lot of trouble reining it in. Lucky for her, all of our conversations have taken place via email.

Anyway, I’m incredibly proud of this accomplishment and I hope this is the beginning of something amazing. When it goes up, I’ll post a link here and I fully expect each and every one of you to comment, share, do something to show your support because THIS IS A BIG DEAL FOR ME, Y’ALL. 

I appreciate each person who takes the time to read my work. A whole new world is slowly opening up for me, and I’m excited to see what happens. My kids won’t always need me to hand them a tissue or make them a sandwich. I have to have something else to do, because I’m certainly not going to bake bread.

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