Almost One.


This girl is turning one on Saturday, and I have so many questions. How did a year pass by so quickly? How did we manage to survive it?

I was terrified each time I gave birth. Of dying, of something going wrong, but mostly of surviving the day-to-day of managing the newborn in addition to whatever else was going on in our house. I worried myself sick before I had each of the boys, but by the time Penelope Rose was born I was beginning to learn the art of low expectations.

This year, I have started to fine-tune it.

Somehow all of the sudden my baby won’t sit still; I find her looking longingly at the living room cabinet that her brothers hide in, wishing she could hide in it too. She copies their monster sounds and dragon roars. When they cry, she cries. When they yell, she yells.

When she smiles, we all do.

4 thoughts on “Almost One.

  1. My girl turned one this past Saturday. I found myself both ecstatic (that we survived) and ridiculously sad at the same time. Something about your last (knowing it’s your last) turning one and no more baby-baby in the house. And then the paper at the 1 year checkup today said “toddler” when referring to my baby and I had to pull myself together. I am not ready for what I know having a toddler means. Ready or not….


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