Day 2: No Yelling.


“My parents are trying not to yell. We’re halfway through the second day and Mommy is holding her shit together a lot better than any of us expected. But tomorrow we’re taking a road trip to the beach … so clearly I’m saving my most obnoxious behavior for that.”

2 thoughts on “Day 2: No Yelling.

  1. For months now, well actually years, but feels more harder lately I’ve been threw the same situation I’m a single mother of two amazing but difficult children as of them my son, is tremendously hard to raise people also think he’s a horrible brat and it breaks my heart because they don’t really know him too well, he drives me nuts to the point where I really wouldn’t mind if a giant meteor landed on me and disappeared me into ashes.. I’m overly exausted like you my mind is not here it’s lost in space somewhere, I truly am trying with all my heart to make a good man out of my boy but Lord do I need help with him..I do as well think something good will come out of all my love and hard work one day because as bad as a mom as I feel hard work does pay off. Let me just thank you for making my day, I laughed and cried at what so similar life’s we have, I’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks she’s going crazy and admits to the reality of being a mother thank you so much keep up the good work your words help a lot of us.


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