That Girl’s Got An Attitude.

I occasionally post hilarious pictures on my Facebook page (are you on Facebook? Don’t forget to find Modern Mommy Madness and “like” the page so you don’t miss out!) and I don’t want to be boring and post them here, too, but today I realized if I don’t compile them somewhere, they’ll get lost in the black hole of social media.


So … I’ve added a new page here devoted just to Pepper. Because if we can’t give the girl Perrier instead of plain tap water, she at least deserves her own sub-blog.

4 thoughts on “That Girl’s Got An Attitude.

  1. You are so funny! Definitely my favorite blog! My 9m old daughter is Olive. Girls named Pepper and Olive are destined to be best friends.


    • I LOVE the name Olive! I wanted to name Pepper (it’s actually Penelope, but we mostly call her Pepper) Olive sooooooo bad but Robbie was very much against it. I think it’s super cute!


      • Thank you! Love Pepper/Penelope too! (We must have similar taste because our oldest would have been Penelope had he been a she, but since he was born a little Penelope came into our lives and took that name off the table for us. But we never thought of the awesome nickname Pepper!).


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