Not Vacation.

Have you ever had a co-worker refer to your maternity leave as “vacation?”

When I worked at State Farm, I had a few comments directed my way that let me know that my extended leave tending to an extremely colicky baby all by myself was considered “vacation time.” When I returned to work, I got the cases no one else wanted, the Christmas Eve shift, AND the New Year’s Eve shift.

Not that I didn’t understand the position of my co-workers, bless their intact penises and vaginas and 8 hours of interrupted sleep, but MAN. That sucked. A lot.

My friend Alice wrote a piece for Babble called 9 Ways To Respond When Co-Workers Call Your Maternity Leave A “Vacation,” and you should totally check it out because it’s hilarious and I’M QUOTED IN IT.

4 thoughts on “Not Vacation.

  1. Hello real talk. When my friends start going on vacation to push 9lb 6oz hams out their hooha, then we’ll talk.
    So excited to see you on blog world, Harmony! Come follow me? I’m over at “TheDelightofBeing” đŸ˜‰ (it’s Marla, btw….)

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