My Personal Ad.

Mom dating adIf we lived in a perfect world, there would be an online friend-matching service for busy moms who don’t have time to waste making small talk with people who bother them.

And this would be my ad.

17 thoughts on “My Personal Ad.

  1. LMAO Here’s mine..

    Has too many kids.
    *Eats Xanax for an afternoon snack*.
    Forgets everything.
    Polite as F*ck.

    Nice to meet you✌️ I think we’d make great friends! Lol


  2. Hi! Pleased to meet you! I’d pass you a glass of my Shiraz, but I drank it for dinner. I hear it’s equivalent to an hour at the gym, so I drank 2. Wanna be my friend?


  3. I love this.

    Mom of 2.
    Bleeds coffee.
    Stays up until all hours just to enjoy the silence.
    Occassionally loses the ability to speak to adults,
    But very dependable and plans a mean birthday party.


  4. Mom of 1 and 1/2. Gluten intolerant and chronic procrastinator.
    Really just wants a pint of Smithwick’s and a F*kin’ Dragon Roll.
    Shares personality traits with Vincent Van Gogh. Help me.
    Funny without meaning to be. Loyal to a fault. Won’t you share (admittedly limited) starry nights with me?


  5. I’m sure that if you started that mommy matching site, we would sign up in hordes and then promptly forget our password.

    *mom of two, three if you count the biggest one (6’2″ and many years potty trained!)
    *loves day drinking and naps.
    *survives the day on diet coke and almonds.
    *prefers bourbon to the company of most people.
    *call me maybe?


  6. you so need to start this service!! This completely frazzled mom of two who loves wine more than her kids most days and would give up a month’s worth of showers for a whole day to myself would love to participate! 🙂


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