I Mathed Today

Um, guys?

I write this from a very low (emotionally speaking) place where I ate half-baked brownies for lunch.

Today’s afternoon meltdown was triggered by a conversation I had with friends, via text, about herd immunity. Now, let me just say, I am by no means a medical expert, mathematician, or analyst. I’m just a mom who has taken to feeding her children microwaveable popcorn for dinner, because I am too busy clinging to my sobriety to think about preparing balanced meals.

I took the time to do the math and realized that in order for America to achieve herd immunity, approximately 65% of our population has to be exposed to Covid-19. We are currently at about 7%. SEVEN PERCENT.

And how long will it take to get to 65% at the rate we are going? FIVE FUCKING YEARS.

I will be 45 years old in 5 years. Maverick will be driving a car. So this means that I’ll have to keep being mad at people not wearing a mask for the next half a decade? How will kids get educated if they’re trying to learn in chaotic or abusive homes? And more importantly, how will the next generation do better if they aren’t getting an adequate education?

It’s like everything that was already super wrong with America warped into overdrive and it is all colliding together to create the Biggest Clusterfuck Ever.

People are out there acting like nothing is amiss. Uh, EVERYTHING IS AMISS. Our President is Tweeting about the CDC … I can’t even coherently tell you what he said today because it is just that crazy. You just need to see it with your own eyes.

Okay, Donald. YOU DO THAT.

Listen. I am a registered Independent so I feel like I can say this: we have no leadership. The shit has hit the fan and it’s slinging all over us and WE ARE JUST SITTING HERE BEING COATED IN POOP.

I have no solution. I am merely stating facts.

Yesterday I wrote a blog post and I felt so much better when I was finished, so I am going to commit to writing here again as much as possible because there is something about knowing I’m not alone. Other people have crazy lives too. We are all wondering if other people feel like they are being covered in poop.

I think the shitastrophe is probably the thing that binds us all together. But it smells, you guys. Like … REALLY, REALLY BAD.


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8 thoughts on “I Mathed Today

  1. I finally understand why I don’t want to work as a nurse anymore. Nurses get covered in poop. It goes with the territory. But we can go home at the end of the shift and wash it off. There is no end to the shift anymore. We are staying covered in poop. We have a tyrant at the helm of a rudderless ship. We won’t survive four more years of whatever the hell he thinks he is.


  2. I broke down as well today as San Diego is considering not opening schools in the fall. . For a start I am absolutely amazed and admire your wonderful achievement of staying sober through these bloody hard times. This is why school not opening is so wrong for me. I haven’t been as strong willed as you. I have treatment resistant depression and ice been drinking most days which I know is wrong for me. I broke down on my 7 year old daughter’s private Zoom meeting with her teacher and school counselor as I wasn’t coping well with the emotional outbursts from her everyday because of distance learning. The next thing 6 policemen are at my door at 10 O clock at night doing a wellness check on me and my children. Completely uncalled for and scared the life out of my 6 and 7 year old children.

    I am barely hanging by a thread as I try and entertain them every day alone like you. The only thing open is the beach, no camps and hardly any adult socializing.

    I will refuse to pay my taxes for the percentage that goes to schooling. I am not a teacher and I need a break so I can concentrate on my sobriety and my mental health. The state officials only care about Covid numbers going down not children’s health and we’ll being.

    Sorry for the ramble but I feel better getting it of my chest.

    Take care and I love every word you write.

    Regards Emma


  3. I’m not a scientist or a mathematician, and I haven’t crunched any numbers myself, but I suspect that we would reach 65% infected sooner than five years from now, simply because of the increasing rate of spread of the virus as more people become infected. We may only be at 7% now, but the rate of spread doesn’t remain constant.

    Also, some studies indicate that the percentage of the population necessary for herd immunity for this virus would be well below 65%. . . some say as low as 43%. But this percentage also varies from place to place.

    Regardless, I feel confident that there will be a vaccine available long before the USA reaches the herd immunity stage.


  4. I heard this at an AA meeting on Thursday, “sobriety = unity.” The minute you inject politics into sobriety, you destroy our unity.


  5. Harmony,

    Thank you so much. You’re brilliant and honest and vulnerable and hilarious. And I love every single ounce of it all. ❤️


    On Wed, Jul 8, 2020 at 5:41 PM Modern Mommy Madness wrote:

    > Harmony posted: ” Um, guys? I write this from a very low (emotionally > speaking) place where I ate half-baked brownies for lunch. Today’s > afternoon meltdown was triggered by a conversation I had with friends, via > text, about herd immunity. Now, let me just say, I am ” >


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