Good Ideas Gone Bad.

Have you ever noticed that when it comes to raising children, other people are always full of good ideas?

Grandma gently suggests that your toddler is too old to have a pacifier, and honestly, you agree. You gather all the pacifiers in the house and toss them, fighting the urge to dive into the garbage can to get them back. WHAT HAVE I DONE?!  You wring your hands with worry.

“Now we can see her sweet faces in pictures,” exclaims Grandma. “Those silly pacifiers were always in the way.” You nod in agreement. Yes, this was the right thing to do.

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Mother Knows Best … Eventually.

There are many, many things I’m terrible at. Basic math, for example. Folding sheets and towels properly. Any game where I must hit a tiny ball over a net.

Sticking to budgets. Giving the silent treatment. Running. Swimming. Packing light. I could go on and on listing things I either have to really work hard at, or flat-out avoid because I’m just THAT BAD at. It’s quite a lengthy list.

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Parenthood Is Not Romantic.

It’s nearly impossible to think romantically with Veggie Tales blaring in the background.

I know this because I want to talk to you about romance after kids, but I am having a hard time focusing because I used to be romantic with my husband, we have small children as a result, and now neither of us can think straight. The irony is almost too much. Parenthood is so not romantic.
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A Hot Mess.

I came into this world a very organized person. I don’t lose things, I don’t forget things, I never exaggerate …

Well, that’s a lie.

Anyway, I have always taken pride in my ability to whip a chaotic situation into shape. My house usually appears clean on the surface – yes, even with three kids – as long as you don’t look in the drawers, because I don’t fold anything. I just cram it in there and everyone has to dig for what they need. My need for order is a nice compliment to my husband’s ability to clutter up a room in 30 seconds flat.
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A Season of Survival: Why I’m Not Making New Year’s Resolutions.

My husband refuses to make New Year’s resolutions. I think he’s onto something.
I remember our first few New Year’s together – it kind of blew my mind that he refused to even discuss resolutions. He said he doesn’t like to box himself into a commitment of that kind. Yes, really. He seemed like such a REBEL. I liked that, so I married him.
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All The Things!

The holidays turn me into a lunatic. And I don’t mean the fun kind.

I’ve never been one of those over-the-top, crafty moms who bake bread and braid it into shapes and sew tiny outfits and such. I’m not over-the-top (in that way) at ALL. I can’t even handle Elf On The Shelf, which makes me wonder how on Earth everyone else is able to function at such a high level during this time of year. If you look at Facebook, it seems like every child in America has an Elf On The Shelf. How do those moms do it? I seriously struggle with just trying to figure out what I’m going to get my people for Christmas … anything extra throws me right over the edge.

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