The Experiment.

This month I underwent an unplanned experiment wherein I was stuck at home with two sick kids for over 2 weeks straight. To say “it was hard” doesn’t really do the situation justice. I’m not cut out to be home all the time. I seriously thought I was going to LOSE IT.

Normally if I was stuck inside, I would just write a lot, right? And that would make it all okay. But during this time period I was not able to write because every time I started, Asher snotted all over the floor or Pepper pulled a shelf full of pots and pans onto herself. Because you know, small children.

It was one of those stretches of time where I just had to dig deep and force my way through it. I did not enjoy every moment. I enjoyed very few moments. But the good news is, we made it.

The experiment part is that I couldn’t make it to the gym at all, and this proved once again that exercise is a key ingredient to my mental health. I finally went back today, and after huffing and puffing my way through a class I was elated. You can see here that I was clearly much more excited than the kids were. They really are better, I swear … ?


Then we came home and I had to clean my house, my thighs are sore, the baby won’t nap because she’s cutting teeth, and I am no longer elated. I’m tired and annoyed. I have things I need to do and little hands keep grabbing at me. I just want to lie down without someone trying to sit on my stomach.

I have more to say but the baby is crying urgently from her crib, so I’ll have to stop here.

This is motherhood.