Rainy Saturday.

My Saturday plans included working on my tan and pulling some weeds, but the weather was AWFUL all day. So I had to readjust. I cheered up after the Toddler got up and hung out with me in his monster jammies while I made breakfast.

The feet are so cute!

He soon tired of the pictures (it’s increasingly difficult to get a decent shot because he’s constantly on the go!) and asked yelled for breakfast!

Q: What do you do with a 1-year-old when you’re stuck inside all day?

A: Make a fort!


Come inside my fort!


I have all I need in here …

bucket …

A sleeping
bag …

 … I’m starting to get a little worn out …

And … done.

It’s been a very long day, but we found a lot of imaginative ways to keep busy. Here’s to hoping I can get some of my errands done tomorrow!

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