Mama’s Shoes!

The first two-word combination I ever heard my son say was this past Thursday. He carefully shuffled into the kitchen wearing a pair of my high heels and proudly exclaimed, “Mama’s shoes!”

Sadly, I was not able to capture that moment in photo, but that day seems to have started an obsession: a deadly combo of the Toddler’s interest in my shoes, and my interest in taking pictures of him wearing them.

The Husband does not approve. My answer to that is, leave more of your shoes out in the open, and he might choose to wear yours instead. Although, mine are much more fun — who can blame him?!

Here he is on Saturday, wearing my sheep slippers …

And on Sunday, after I got back from my workout …

He looks better in my shoes than I do.

And the grand finale, my favorite gold flip flops.

Work what yo mama gave you, son. Work it.

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