The Case For Crying.

I wish I was more of a crier. I think my husband would understand me more if I just bawled my eyes out every time I felt overwhelmed.

Instead, I  am an internalizer.

Internalizers hold in their stress. I don’t know why I do this … I’m normally a good communicator. I don’t have a problem talking about my feelings. But STRESS is different. I bottle it up and it manifests itself in other ways, like making me act like a complete and total bitch. Sometimes, I get these weird canker sores on my tonsils. When I was little, I would get stomach aches.

WHY can’t I cry more?

I imagine that if I went home this afternoon from this horribly stressful day at work, collapsed on the couch and boo-hooed like a total wimp, my husband would probably cook me dinner and clean the entire house so I wouldn’t have to worry about it. He would express concern. He would be … worried.

In reality, I’ll go home and be cranky and he won’t want to do ANYTHING helpful, because who wants to be nice to a bitch? Not me!

Does anyone have suggestions on how to become a total cry baby?!?

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