Rooster vs. Owl

I’m a morning person. Nothing makes me happier than waking up before everyone else, making coffee, cleaning the house or doing laundry without anyone bothering me. I think more clearly in the morning — I do my best work before 2 p.m.
My husband is the exact opposite. He does his best work after 10 p.m. He is a night owl and although I don’t mind it, it can be inconvenient at times. Like now. 

There he is. Covered in pillows.

The Toddler must take after me, because usually he pops out of bed around 7:00 ready to go. Currently it is 9:15 on Sunday morning and we (Toddler and I) have breakfasted, cleaned, laundered and played. My husband is still asleep despite numerous attempts by us to drag him out of bed.
What is it like to be married to someone who is like you? I wish sometimes that he was also a morning person, but then I wonder what that would really be like. I bet it would be obnoxious. I bet we would become the weird neighbors who mow the lawn at six in the morning, and go for runs as a family before dawn whilst carrying mugs of coffee. Believe me, if my husband was like me I’m sure I would become even MORE type A than I already am. I can picture it, and I find it a little frightening.

So snooze away, night owl. I’ll send our son up to drool on your face if you aren’t awake by 10:00.

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