Contagious Joyfulness.

I seem to be going through a rough patch. Life isn’t always easy, as we all know. I don’t want to dwell on it, but let’s just say that I’m ready for things to get better.

When life gets hard, and I feel like I am seriously losing it … that is when my little boy seems to shine. Maybe it’s because God knows how much I can handle and dealing with a screaming toddler on top of everything else would simply send me over the edge. I don’t ask why — I just accept.

This week has been particularly difficult and Toddler has been an absolute ANGEL. He holds my hand while we walk through the house. He beams up at me with cheery glee. He hugs me for no reason. He follows instructions. For the past two days he has been nothing but pure joy and it has done wonders for my spirit and my outlook on life.

Children are such a blessing. I often wonder what I did before he was born. I feel like I must have been extremely self-absorbed. All of the worries of the day suddenly become unimportant when I arrive at the daycare and see him running toward me with arms stretched in the air.

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