Today I am facing three delimmas. Perhaps one of you can help me.

1. My Toddler is afraid to poop. I have done everything I can think of to help him. Prune juice (daily,) fiber supplements, anything with fiber in it … tons of fresh fruit, olive oil, etc. Finally I called the pediatrician’s office and the nurse told me the next step is suppositories. Hopefully that will help him poop with ease and therefore get over his fear.

2. I have a fear of administering said suppositories.

3. My acne cream (Clearasil) bleaches stuff. I never worried about it because I used to have white sheets on our bed, but I just bought 500-thread count chocolate brown sheets. They are AWESOME. I cannot ruin them. What can I use on my pimples that won’t bleach my pillowcases?!

That is all.

Good day.

2 thoughts on “Delimmas.

  1. Have you tried flax seeds? I've heard that they can really help, I've got some friends that swear by it…lol. “Flax oil is rich source of omega 3 fats and natural laxative. Dosage for infants is one teaspoon per day and for older babies two teaspoons of flax oil. Flax seeds are excellent source of fiber and can be given in combination with cereals or other high fiber foods.”

    I'd be scared of doing a suppository too!

    Toothpaste and other home type stuff is supposed to dry up pimples too!


  2. Harmony, have you tried Retin-A? Prior to Accutane, I was a huge fan. Yes, it was that bad for me. I have bleached way too many towels–so if you can get a prescription for Differin or a Retin-A product, you'll prevent that 🙂 (I need to hit it up again b/c it also 'erases' wrinkles….).


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